1. Requirements
  • Each patron has one unique library card for as long as they are in the system.
  • The library needs to know at least the name, address, phone number, and library card number for each patron.
  • In addition, at any particular point in time, the library may need to know or to calculate the items a patron has checked out, when they are due, and any outstanding overdue fines.
  • Children (age 12 and under) have a special restriction — they can only check out five items at a time.
  • A patron can check out books or audio/video Taterials.
  • Books are…

  1. Software Architecture

(1) The Definition of Software Architecture (SWA) by Perry and Wolf

The definition of SWA by Perry and Wolf is a combination of elements, form, and rationale.

  • What: the elements are the what, which means the processes, data, and connectors that compose a software architecture
  • How: the form is the how, the set of properties off in relationships among these elements
  • Why: the rationale is the why, the justification for the elements and their relationships

(2) The Definition of Software Architecture (SWA) by Shaw and Garland

They defined software architecture as a level of design that involves four…

  1. Unity Physics

(1) Clone the Unity Template

Before we start, let’s first clone the template CS4455_M1_Support from GitHub. You can find it here. Note that we must have the GitHub enterprise account for Gatech before we clone this file.

After having cloned this template, we can open it as a project through Unity Hub. If you aren’t happy with your submitted M1, you can use the original GitHub project.

(2) Basic Rigidbodies with Collision Events

Before implementing this task, we have to look at the crates that are already in the scene. They have a CrateCollisionReporter script that you might…

  1. Physics Engine

(1) The Definition of Physics Engine

A physics engine provides a service of the physics simulation calculation for a virtual environment. Basically, there are generally two flavors,

  • High-precision offline engines: mainly for scientific researches
  • Real-time engines: mainly for video games or physical predictions for robots

There are many different games that are implemented with a physics engine. For example,

  • Bridge Builder
  • Trials

(2) List of Real-Time Physics Engine

  • Havok: one of the most famous commercial game engine
  • Newton
  • Open Dynamics Engine (ODE): open source
  • Nvidia PhysX: Unity with this integration

(3) Components in the Physics Engine

So here…

  1. Introduction to Android

(1) What is Android?

Android is an operating system designed for mobile devices where mobile devices are devices that are characterized by the fact of having touch screens and sensors. An important characteristic of the Android operating system is that it is based on the Linux kernel. And in order to be able to run an application, it is powered by a Java-based virtual machine, which is called the Dalvik VM.

(2) Basic Architecture of Android

  • APPs (top layer): Android apps are applications that are written in Java, and that get compiled into byte code, packaged, and…

  1. Object Orientated

(1) The Definition of Object Orientation

Object orientation is to give precedence of data over function. This also allows for enforcing the very important concept of information hiding, which is the encapsulation and segregation of data behind well-defined and ideally stable interfaces in order to be able to hide the design and also implementation decisions.

(2) Reasons for Object Orientation

One of the main reasons is that it makes code more maintainable because the rest of the code or system doesn’t have to be concerned about how the implementation details or the design are defined. …

  1. Unity Interactive Animation

(1) Clone the Unity Template

Before we start, let’s first clone the template CS4455_M1_Support from GitHub. You can find it here. Note that we must have the GitHub enterprise account for Gatech before we clone this file.

After having cloned this template, we can open it as a project through Unity Hub.

(2) Default Scene

Before we talk about the animations, let’s first play through the template so that we can know what it goes by default. Let’s hit the play button of the game,

  1. Requirement Engineering (RE)

(1) The Definition of Requirement Engineering (RE)

Requirements engineering (RE) is the process of establishing the services that the customer requires from the software system. In addition to that, requirements engineering also has to do with the constraints under which the system operates and is developed.

There are reasons why the requirement engineering is very important,

  • Many errors are made in requirement specifications
  • Not detect these errors can dramatically increase software costs

(2) The Definition of Software Requirements Specification (SRS)

The final result of the requirements engineering process is a software requirements specification (SRS). …

  1. History of Animation

(1) Early Animations

  • Cave Art: speculation that flickering fire cave arts randomly illuminated different parts of an image (e.g. a figure can have extra legs)
  • Shadow Play: initially involved in many cultures and the shadows are projected by the light of puppets
  • Puppetry: perhaps about 4,000 years old. Now we use 3D forms to create them
  • Magic Lantern: it is actually a one-lived technology that was used to show some moving projected images

  1. Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

(1) The Definition of Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

An IDE is a software application that supports software developers in many of their everyday tasks.

(2) IDE Features

IDEs have many useful features,

  • Views: can be used to navigate project resources from different perspectives
  • Source Code Editor: an editor that will allow you to browse documentation when you are writing code that uses a specific method. Also, they will give you the auto-completion when you start writing the name of an objection
  • Version Control System: modern IDE will normally give you support for version control system
  • Builders

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