1. Game AI

(1) Minion with NavMeshAgent

  • Utilize the main camera looking down on your scene, uncheck the Third Person Camera (Script)

  1. AI Movement and Steering Behaviors

(1) Chase/Evade Pattern

A common behavior pattern for the game AI is the chase/evade pattern. Suppose there are two characters in the game, the NPC and the User Controlled one.

  • NPC: predator
  • User Control: prey

  1. Rational Unified Process (RUP)

(1) The History of RUP

In 1997, Rational defined six best practices for modern software engineering,

  • Develop iteratively, focusing on risk
  • Manage requirements
  • Employ a component-based architecture
  • Model software visually
  • Continuously verify quality
  • Control changes

These six practices, that we just mentioned were the starting point…

  1. Design Patterns

(1) History of Design Patterns

  • 1977: Christopher Alexander, an American professor of architecture at UC Berkeley, introduces the idea of patterns as successful solutions to problems in his book called A Pattern Language. The book contains about 250 patterns.
  • 1987: Ward Cunningham and Kent Beck leveraged this idea…

  1. Game Menu and Collectables

(1) Set up Game Menu System

  • Duplicate the current Demo scene and rename it GameMenuScene

  1. Requirements
  • Each patron has one unique library card for as long as they are in the system.
  • The library needs to know at least the name, address, phone number, and library card number for each patron.
  • In addition, at any particular point in time, the library may need to know…

  1. Software Architecture

(1) The Definition of Software Architecture (SWA) by Perry and Wolf

The definition of SWA by Perry and Wolf is a combination of elements, form, and rationale.

  • What: the elements are the what, which means the processes, data, and connectors that compose a software architecture
  • How: the form…

  1. Unity Physics

(1) Clone the Unity Template

Before we start, let’s first clone the template CS4455_M1_Support from GitHub. You can find it here. Note that we must have the GitHub enterprise account for Gatech before we clone this file.

After having cloned this template, we can open it as a…

  1. Physics Engine

(1) The Definition of Physics Engine

A physics engine provides a service of the physics simulation calculation for a virtual environment. Basically, there are generally two flavors,

  • High-precision offline engines: mainly for scientific researches
  • Real-time engines: mainly for video games or physical predictions for robots

There are many…

  1. Introduction to Android

(1) What is Android?

Android is an operating system designed for mobile devices where mobile devices are devices that are characterized by the fact of having touch screens and sensors. An important characteristic of the Android operating system is that it is based on the Linux kernel

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