Let’s now play with a binary. In this lab, we have 4 binary files. Before you check these files, you have to make sure that you are in the VM environment.

$ vagrant ssh
$ seclab tut01

We can check these files by,

$ cd ~/tuts/lab01/tut01-crackme
$ ls
README crackme0x00 crackme0x01 crackme0x02 crackme0x03

What are these files? Let’s try the first one crackme0x00 as an example. Suppose we run this executable file and enter the password 1234, we can not access it because the password is not correct.

$ ./crackme0x00
IOLI Crackme Level 0x00
Password: 1234
Invalid Password!

First, we have to install VirtualBox and Vagrant.

Ubuntu users may want to use the following commands to install Virtualbox and Vagrant,

$ sudo apt-get install virtualbox
$ sudo apt-get install vagrant

2. Setup the Environment

First, let’s make a new folder named cs6265-tut,

$ cd ~
$ mkdir cs6265-tut
$ cd cs6265-tut

Then let’s download the environment configuration files from the internet by wget,

$ wget https://tc.gts3.org/cs6265/tut/tut.tar.gz

After we download this file, we…

(1) Linux O(1) Scheduler

0 being the highest (ts = 100 ms) and 139 (ts = 10 ms) is the lowest. The default level is 120. The pointer of the two arrays should be swapped.

(2) Fedorova’s Paper

Conclusion: workloads of mixed CPI result in better performance

Problem: real workload CPIs have little difference

Example 1-1. Round-Robin Scheduler

On a single CPU system, consider the following workload and conditions:

(1) Metrics for OS Scheduling

(1) Locality

(2) AMAT

(1) Internet Services

Internet service is any type of service that’s accessible via the web interface. The common way in which these services are used is end-users send web requests via web browsers and then receive a response. Most commonly, these types of services are then composed into three components,

(2) Technology Solutions

Actually, for implementing these three components, there are many open-source and proprietary solutions…

(1) Recall: the DFS States, Nodes, and Services

In the previous lesson, we talked about DFS, and we said that the DFS was an example of the distributed file service where the states (aka. files) were stored on some nodes (aka. file servers), and these nodes were accessed by many distribute nodes’ clients. All the file access operations open, read, and write on these files where then the service was provided by these servers, and the clients will then request from them.

Our primary focus of the DFS was the caching mechanisms. These are…

(1) Review: File Systems

In our previous discussion about file systems, we have said that the modern OS (e.g. Linux) hides the fact that there may be multiple types of internal file system organizations. And this is done by exporting a higher-level virtual file system (VFS) interface.

NOTE: The present article does NOT include anything related to the final submission (no answers, no specific values, no results) for the course CS6290 HPCA because of the honor code. Most of the contents in this article is repeating the basic instructions and the directions of the Project 3. More Linux commands are provided as complements to the project’s guidelines.

Please feel free to contact me if this article violates the rules of Georgia Tech and I will immediately delete this article with no doubt.

Before we start this experiment, we have to remove…

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